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Handheld LCR Meter TH2822

Handheld LCR Meter TH2822

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 Max. Basic accuracy: 0.25%

Maximum test signal frequency : 100kHz

Selectable test signal level

With DCR function

Enhanced protection capability of input terminal impact

40000 counts for primary parameter, D/Q resolution 0.0001

 Typical ultra-low consumption: 25mA

Innovatively compatible terminal configuration: 5-terminal test slot

 and 3-terminal rubber jack

 Intellectualized auto LCR function

 AC test speed up to 4 meas/sec (DCR: 3 meas/sec), fast automatic

 range switch design

Percentage display and 4-tolerance comparator: 1/5/10/20%

Battery charge in startup & shutdown

 Test terminal protection function

 Data-hold, Max./Min./Average value recording

Real-time function configuration selection and working condition

 hold capacity

 Standard configuration Mini USB communication interface and

 SCPI command set

 Free Fast Access PC communication software on our website

 Gorgeous dual-color cast shell

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